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… and we mean FULLY explained in this 194 page downloadable eBook in a zipped folder from which you must extract the files.  Just look at what it contains: descriptions of the meaning of every card in the Major and Minor Arcanas, both upright and reversed, how to lay out a spread, sample spreads and loads more.  This is a genuine treasure-house for those interested in learning to interpret the Tarot.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – An Introduction to the Tarot

      The Lesser Secrets
      The Greater Secrets
      Some Historical Facts
      The Influence of the Golden Dawn
      Psychology and the Tarot
      Divination and the Tarot
      Synchronicity and Prediction

Part 2 – The Major Arcana or the Greater Secrets

      0 – The Fool
      1 – The Magician
      2 – The High Priestess
      3 – The Empress
      4 – The Emperor
      5 – The Hierophant or Pope
      6 – The Lovers
      7 – The Chariot
      8 – Justice
      9 – The Hermit
      10 – The Wheel of Fortune
      11 – Strength
      12 – The Hanged Man
      13 – Death
      14 – Temperance
      15 – The Devil
      16 – The Tower
      17 – The Star
      18 – The Moon
      19 – The Sun
      20 – Judgment
      21 – The World
      The Major Arcana and the Zodiac
      The Major Arcana and the Planets

Part 3 – The Minor Arcana or the Lesser Secrets

      Elementary Elements
            Jung and the Elements
      Astrology and the Minor Arcana
      Using Astrology with the Court Cards
            The Signs of the Zodiac with their Dates
            Astrological Correspondences and the Minor Arcana
      The Minor Arcana and the Elements
            The Element of Fire – The Suit of Wands
            The Element of Earth – The Suit of Pentacles
            The Element of Air – The Suit of Swords
            The Element of Water – The Suit of Cups
      The Aces
            The Ace of Wands
            The Ace of Pentacles
            The Ace of Swords
            The Ace of Cups
      The Twos
            The Two of Wands
            The Two of Pentacles
            The Two of Swords
            The Two of Cups
      The Threes
            The Three of Wands
            The Three of Pentacles
            The Three of Swords
            The Three of Cups
      The Fours
            The Four of Wands
            The Four of Pentacles
            The Four of Swords
            The Four of Cups
      The Fives
            The Five of Wands
            The Five of Pentacles
            The Five of Swords
            The Five of Cups
      The Sixes
            The Six of Wands
            The Six of Pentacles
            The Six of Swords
            The Six of Cups
      The Sevens
            The Seven of Wands
            The Seven of Pentacles
            The Seven of Swords
            The Seven of Cups
      The Eights
            The Eight of Wands
            The Eight of Pentacles
            The Eight of Swords
            The Eight of Cups
      The Nines
            The Nine of Wands
            The Nine of Pentacles
            The Nine of Swords
            The Nine of Cups
      The Tens
            The Ten of Wands
            The Ten of Pentacles
            The Ten of Swords
            The Ten of Cups
      The Court Cards of Wands
            The King of Wands
            The Queen of Wands
            The Knight/Prince of Wands
            The Page/ Princess of Wands
      The Court Cards of Pentacles
            The King of Pentacles
            The Queen of Pentacles
            The Knight/Prince of Pentacles
            The Page/ Princess of Pentacles
      The Court Cards of Swords
            The King of Swords
            The Queen of Swords
            The Knight/Prince of Swords
            The Page/ Princess of Swords
      The Court Cards of Cups
            The King of Cups
            The Queen of Cups
            The Knight/Prince of Cups
            The Page/ Princess of Cups
      A Step-by-Step Guide to Reading the Tarot
      Choosing your Deck
      Getting to Know the Tarot
      Simple Exercises
      Learning the Tarot Alphabet
      Story Telling
      Developing your Intuition
      The Spreads and How to Read them
      Specific Problems
      Preparing for a Reading
      Shuffling the Tarot
      Choosing your Significator
      Analysing your Layout
      A Quick Guide to Reading the Tarot
      Two General Purpose Spreads
            The Six-Month Special
            Past, Present and Future – A Romany Spread
      The Horoscope
      The Celtic Cross
      The Horseshoe
            The Classic Horseshoe
            The Love Horseshoe
            The Work/Career Horseshoe
      The Calendar
            When to use the Calendar
      Timing and the Minor Arcana
      The Four Aces
      The Tree of Life
      The Three-Card Spread

Download The Tarot Explained

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